4 Reasons your School should consider Outsourcing Dance.

Posted on 2017-11-22

Whether you’re a pre school, primary or high school, there are a range of benefits in outsourcing specialised dance teachers.  Here are a few reasons schools are choosing to outsource their dance programs with Groove Nation:

1) “Even though they love it, I can’t find the time to teach dance to my students…”

The NSW Board of Studies recommends that 6-10% of the school week be taken up by Creative Arts and an addition 6-10% by PDHPE (NSW BOS, 2015).  That’s between 1.8 - 3 hours a week on each of those subject areas – are you achieving that in your classroom? If you then consider each strand and the content within there areas e.g., safe living, active lifestyles, visual arts, music etc., it can be even more overwhelming to think about how you will cover all of this content.

Even with integrated lessons, some teachers have reported it difficult to find time to incorporate all areas of the curriculum, including dance, for their students.

Our programs make this much simpler with rich lessons incorporating not only dance but also aspects of music, drama, mathematics, games and sport, physical activity, interpersonal relationships and gymnastics. Plus, you get free teacher reporting on everything covered  - how great!

Incase you needed another reason… you will also have time to sit and do administrative work whilst the dance lessons run.

 2) “I have two left feet and have trouble with a step-clap… how can I teach dance to my students!?” or “I simply don’t feel confident enough to teach dance”

Like all teachers, you clearly have a passion for teaching, however there are some subject areas that are not your favourite so these can be given a back seat. Studies have also shown that minimal hours are spent ‘teaching’ dance during teacher training at university, (Warburton, 2000). Experienced, specialized dance teachers are the key to providing a quality and enjoyable dance experience for your students.

3) “We have the same dances that have been rolling on for the past 10 years, our parents are used to the same performances”

This is what outsourced dance programs do best! Because this is our specialty, we have time and plenty of experience to choreograph and get your school routines performance ready.

This is what we do. It’s our passion! Doing the good old Nutbush (even though we still love it) or a Barndance is not only tiresome for the parents who may have seen the same thing five years running, it’s also not as engaging for your students and, therefore, they are less likely to reap the full benefits of an exciting, fresh dance program that they can relate to whilst building confidence and expressing creativity. So why not make your school truly stand out and showcase all students?

4) “I try to get my students outside and we do a bit of physical activity each day”

Is the amount of physical activity you’re doing with your students enough? A recent report found that just 30% of NSW schools are imposing and actually doing two hours of physical activity each week (NSW PA Audit, 2012). This is the great thing about dance programs! In one week, the students easily have 45 minutes of high intensity physical activity under their belt. Not only that, it is fun (no dreaded laps of the oval… again), it is equitable so that all students can participate, it allows mass participation (no waiting for a turn/equipment or having your peers watch your every move). School dance classes are a great way to reduce possible student anxiety over exercise and foster diversity in an encouraging and warm environment.

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NSW Board of Studies (2015). Received 7th Jan 2017 from http://k6.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/

Warburton, P. (2000). Initial Teacher Training-The Preparation of Primary Teachers in Physical Education. British journal of teaching physical education, 31(4), 6-9.


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